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Softball 2021  registrations due Thursday, April 28th

Availability:  In 2021 we are staying with one field (social distancing). There will be no byes. The Sands offers recreational Co-Ed leagues on Thursday. Men's League is on Wednesday. Availability: Wednesday Men's is OK, Thursday Co-Ed is OK.

At the Sands softball is played for fun.   Safety and Sportsmanship are emphasized. We use unenhanced single wall bats. Co-Ed is offered Thursday.  Men's is offered Wednesday.  Teams play on the same night each week.  Games vary between 6:00 and 9:00. 

The increased cost of operating softball has caused us to closely evaluate how we operate. If we are not playing three games on two fields, we are losing money. Sunday operating on two fields did not pay the bills.

For the 2021 season teams can use 47 or 52 core restricted flight balls. 

 Softball Forms


Wednesdays (Men’s) practice May 12th and start May 19th.

Thursdays (Co-Ed) practice May 13th and start May 20th. 



Seven Games

Fourteen Games


$5 per player

$8 per player

Team Fee






Sales Tax  7%



Umpire Fees (nontaxable)



Total Amount Due



 *Note: players paying their membership fee with this team must check the box by their name to get credit for paying.  Your membership is valid for softball and  volleyball .

 Registration deadline for first session is Wednesday, April 28th.  All fees are due with your registration form.  Teams are registered in the order they are received.  Slots are not reserved for returning teams but they can pre-register in January. Mail early or drop off. Office hours are weekdays between 2:00 and 6:00 starting January 25th. 

Legal Stuff: Iowa has a new weapons law.  I don’t bring my guns to the Sands and neither can you.  If you are a member of a well ordered militia, please check your weapons at the bar.  It is against the law to bring any beverages onto the premises of a liquor license holder and the insurance companies are checking. When you are at a licensed establishment you must have a valid ID available for inspection.  Pets are also prohibited. Please obey these laws so we can keep our license.  End of the legalities.

Bats: Bat List ASA updates their bat list periodically.  They are not very quick about it. We use aluminum single wall one piece bats.  Bats listed on the ASA site as SW (Single Wall) may be legal or they could be two piece. Don't unwrap a bat until an Umpire has cleared and stickered it.