Beverages: This year to serve better and space you out there will be two lines for drinks. At each register there are two sanitizer tubs on each side of the "Covid blocker screens". One for you and one for us. Stash your change, splash your hands and take your pitcher. Pitcher etiquette: whoever buys the pitcher, pours the pitcher.


Enter  left door (from the outside) and exit middle door.

Pineapple Radler by Front Street

Exile Ruthie

Fat Tire

Bud Light

Keg Creek Apricot

Roxie Irish Red by Boone Valley

Miller Lite

Sam Adams Boston Lager

mixed drinks


Enter right door and exit middle door

Lagunitas IPA

Coors Light

Leinie's Summer Shandy

Peace Tree Grapefruit IPA

Frozen and Specialty Cocktails


If you wish to order beer from both bars, please use right door.

Balls: This year you will check out balls outside under the grape arbor.

·      Dip your hands in the sanitizer tub before touching the balls.

·      We are not taking IDs this year

·      When you return your ball roll it in the tub of sanitizer on table at the corner of the patio and grape arbor before throwing it in the barrel.