Covid Crazy? We are not but we are getting prepared.

My background: For three years at Iowa State I double majored in Industrial Administration and Biology. I graduated with a major in I-Ad and a "strong minor" meaning I completed all Bio related courses. My diverse background brings some perspective to our current situation.

Mitigation at the Sands

Court assignments will be posted on Use your phone or check before you come. We don't want people congregating at the board. The first night copies of the schedule will be posted outside on the wall by the patio. They will be grouped by level not time so you will more spread out.

The Sands is an open door kind of place. There are very few comonly touched places. One of them is the popcorn machine therefore no popcorn this year.

We are doing simple Bio-lab best practices.

Wash or sanitize your hands before touching your face. Each beer stand will have a sanitizer tub.  Volleyballs are sanitized by rolling them tubs by the ball barrels. Balls will be distributed outside and IDs will not be taken.

Getting beer: There will now be beer lines by variety. For example, if you want Coors Light enter the right door (from the outside) and exit the middle doors. Location of our beer taps will be posted outside and online. Maintain six foot social spacing in line. At each register there are two sanitizer tubs on each side of the "Covid blocker screens". One for you and one for us. Stash your change, splash your hands and take your pitcher. Pitcher etiquette: whoever buys the pitcher, pours the pitcher. Used pitchers are cleaned in the triple sink. The detergent and sterilizer are both supposed to kill covid-19.

Seating will be spread out and limited to six people per table and groups of ten. We have acres of space available so spread out.

When you go to the restrooms, wash your hands before you touch you face.

We have purchased portable sprayers that we will using to sanitize tables and chairs after they are used.

No hand slapping after games. Note: If high school and college banned their group hugs after every point, it would really speed up the matches!

This is going to be weird for all of us but it is what we have to do in this crazy world. I may be adding more once we know more. Mike