Island Rental

Five O’Clock Island, Rainy Lake, Ontario


Five O’Clock Island is a full service island.  You are fully responsible for your own service. If you cannot handle some responsibility, we suggest staying at a commercial camp.  If you enjoy tranquility and independence, Five O’Clock Island is a great place for families and fishermen to “rough it” comfortably.

Five O’Clock Island is located in the middle of Rainy Lake, fifteen miles north of Fort Frances, Ontario and International Falls, Minnesota. Our “family camp” is designed to be used by families seeking relaxation and groups of up to seven fishermen.  Early camps like the President’s Camp David and the Great Adirondack camps of the Vanderbilts and Morgans feature separate sleeping cabins and a dining/socializing/dancing lodge. (We are located north of the posted “dance boundary” so no dancing). Our little camp follows the model but not the scale or cost.  The owners of Camp Casual on Five O’Clock Island are Mike Sprecher, Jim Hall, Greg Noble and Rick Crampton.

The Roost (original 16’ by 16’ cottage pictured below) is perfect for four kids or three adults.  There are two full sized beds and one twin bed bunked, twin bed and personal storage.  The kids are secluded but observable from the Deck Haus.













The north tent deck is a wonderful place to do some stargazing and hope the northern lights fire up. Bring your own tent and screws.

(14’ by 14’ tent platform with 8’ deck)





     The Dock is equipped with eight Adirondack chairs, map table and a large cooler. On the east shore there is a place to light a fire.  When the wind is right, grab a cocktail and a boat cushion then pick a rock. The oldest exposed bedrock on earth is beneath your feet.













A second cottage (Deck Haus) is basically finished.  The first floor of the Deck Haus has a shower room, freezer room, kitchen, eight person dining room and fireplace.  The second floor has two bedrooms with decks. The east bunkroom is furnished with a full sized bed and twin bunk beds. The west bedroom has a queen with room for a “camp bed”. The water system is fully operational so there is hot and cold running water to the shower and kitchen sink. There is always some work to be done but the camp works well and we enjoy it. (Below are construction photos of the new cottage: north face (2010), west face (2009) from lake and view from west bedroom). Current pricing and progress updates are at

Rainy Lake is a big, clear water lake famous for its smallmouth bass fishing.  We also catch northern pike and walleye. Reportedly “slab” crappie are also in the area. Tackle, personal gear lists, maps and GPS are available for your use.

For us a typical day starts with coffee around 9:00.  We usually have a solid breakfast after 10:00 and plan the day over breakfast.  Some will want to pack a lunch and go fishing or sightseeing.  The Northshore is a beautiful place to read a book and take a nap.  Dinner is served when the fishermen return around dark (10:00). Walleye like to feed in low light an hour before and after sunset or sunrise.  Northern, smallmouth and deep dwelling walleye keep more reasonable hours. After dinner, depending on the weather and the bugs, we might head to the dock, build a fire or just hang-out and play cards. If the northern lights start dancing, everyone heads to the Northshore.  The last campers are in bed sometime after 2:00.

On Five O’Clock Island there is one clock with an alarm. The only time we wake anybody up is if the northern lights are dancing. People come and go as they please.  If you want to fish…fish. If you want to go kayaking go: (there are five on the island and two are fishing).  Want to read a book and take a nap…fine. If it is hot go swimming or ride Ski Bob (tow toy in the shed).  You are on vacation.

In July and August we have experienced highs in the 90s and lows in the 40s. Seventies and fifties are average. The water temperature will probably be in the 70s in midsummer. 

 Keep in mind Five O’Clock Island is in the Canadian bush. There are no flush toilets; we happily poop in the Moose (open air outhouse). The wives & kids have a “Hen Haus” with a port-a-potty for their needs. There is no electricity unless the generator is running.  There are plenty of propane and oil lamps to meet your lighting needs. There is limited phone service. If you need to make a call or check messages on your phone, take a 30-40 minute boat trip towards Fort Francis. We will have a Canadian cell phone available to bring up.

Rainy Lake will impress the whole crew.  There are big fish to be caught and tranquil vistas to enjoy.

  (Civilization is behind us, dock is ahead)                     (Upper cascades into Rainy Lake)

Five O’Clock Island is designed to be enjoyed by families that want to read a book and enjoy the beauty of the north woods as well as fishermen. We encourage you to nap, fish, explore, kayak, swim, relax and enjoy the company of those that are with you.  Please take time to toast the sunset on the upper deck. Prepare a favorite dinner with fine wine and grill hot dogs. As they say in Canada, you are on “holiday”. Enjoy the experience.

Five O’Clock Island is served by Rainy Lake Boat Taxi or BYOB: Bring Your Own Boat (and a good bottle). There are two fishing boats on the island.

          Thankfully your cell phone will probably not work on the island and there is no internet.

          Relax, and enjoy the peace of the north-country. Life is good on Rainey Lake.

(Conversation and a cocktail on the upper deck)

Our wonderful neighbors go their islands for tranquility so we limit rentals to five weeks per year. Please be respectful, friendly and enjoy magnificent Rainy Lake!









Tennis shoes and sandals?



long pants or jeans








swimming suit












rain suit

Ponchos = wet crotch




sun & rain protection



short sleeve T-shirt




long sleeve T-shirt




light long sleeve shirt

With roll up sleeves



heavy long sleeve shirt




short sleeve shirt




light jacket

Water resistant



fleece jacket or sweatshirt




boat bag (waterproof)

holds rain suit, fleece jacket, shorts & misc. (a tall kitchen garbage works fine)



trip home clothes

packed separately



tooth brush & paste




hair brush or comb




soap in box & shampoo




bath towels & washcloth




Sheets and pillow case

1 Queen, 3 full, 3 twin beds







insect repellant
















Sun glasses

one for the lake



Driver's License





Required to be current



Fishing License




Parental Permission letter

If traveling with minors



Phone charger

120 volt outlets are available



Fishing tackle



Things you will want:  Full rain suit (not nylon) and breathable bag to pack it in.


Group Packing List







Flying insect spray

1 for cottage + 1 for Moose



1 pound propane cylinders

For stove/oven & burner



Lake Maps

1 per boat




1 per boat



Paper plates




Paper towels




Toilet paper




Medium size cooler filled with ice

Gets you started



Lamp oil (not citronella)

There are 2 oil lamps






Deck Haus:                              $250.00 per day             $1250.00 per week

Roost:                             $100.00 per day               $500.00 per week


Boat rental

Laker:                             $100 per day                  $500.00 per week

16’ w/25hp 2-stroke

Alumarine:                     $100 per day                  $500.00 per week

16’ w/15hp 4-stroke



One week trip for four:

Deck Haus                     $1,250.00

To Taxi service*                   485.00

Laker                                   500.00

Alumarine                           500.00

Total                     $2,725.00   per person: $681.25 + 13% GST tax (part refundable)


One week trip for six:

Deck Haus                     $1,250.00

Roost                                   500.00

Taxi service*                        485.00

Laker                                   500.00

Alumarine                           500.00

Canadian cell phone             50.00

          Total                     $3,225.00   per person: $537.50+ 13% GST tax (part refundable)

*paid to Rainy Lake Taxi Service: $470.00 USD covers transportation, island start up, gas, propane, and trash.


Comparison pricing and services

Camp Narrows (boat in) is $900.00 per person plus 13% tax

Labella’s Birch Point (drive to)


Our Setup

There are two ways to get to Five O’Clock Island. You can bring you own boat or take the boat taxi service. If you bring your own boat you should park and launch from the former government dock (now private) at the tip of Northwest Bay. If you take the boat taxi you will leave from Five Mile Dock east of Fort Frances. Either way you do not want to go in or out on a Saturday. There are signs on the road to customs marked in hours for Saturday people. Don’t be those people.


Bring your own boat.


Rainy Lake Boat Taxi




Cell phone


Guides available on Rainy Lake

Kevin Erickson


Full Throttle Guiding


Island Manual




Freezer Room


Propane refrigerator – a bit tricky to start but works great

Water tank

Water pump (12 volt)

Water heater (battery operated)



Boats are pulled out of the water on roller ramps. Seats are stored in the hoop building. Use the wench to pull them back out at the end of your trip. Motor, fuel tank, net, paddle and fish finder all stay in the boat. There are spare props in hoop building. If a prop is damaged let Mike know. There is no charge, they are repairable.


Lund Laker with 25hp Johnson


Alumarine with 15hp Mercury




Before you leave home


CHECK LIST – please fill out and return


Open Condition







off and filled



electric freezer

off with lid open



propane refrigerator

dial and propane tank off



water heater

dial and propane tank off



water pump

black lead disconnected




on ramps & tied off




fuel tanks filled




Props good




burnable burned or removed




other trash on dock



hoop shed

zipped shut








stripped, blankets on











coffee pots

clean & open



Mr. Heaters

dial and propane tank off



Cell phone & charger

Per agreement

Name:                                              Date:                Phone number:

To: Mike Sprecher, 3424 Giles, West Des Moines, IA 50265  (        )

Thanks for renting from us! We value your input.