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Volleyball Information 2021

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Are you ready for some normalcy? 2020 Season was Covid Crazy with a Derecho thrown in. We have lived the old Chinese cure of "May you live in interesting times." In 2020 we used basic Bio-lab procedures. Mitigation at the Sands  Beverages and Balls  We had about the same amount of seating but people were spread apart. Tables were moved to the sand between F and G. The grass area by the covered patio became a "beer garden". A new shower station was added by court A. Other shower areas were socially distantanced. Tubs of blue sanitizer water were on the courts and bars. Balls and schedules are outside. To my knowledge there was no covid transmission on or between teams. Same procedures will be used in 2021.

Scheduling was crazy. When we got a go from the Governor's office and schedules were posted the phone started ringing. Most conversations started with "I can't believe you are playing" followed by "we don't feel safe" or "can we still get in?". More people added than dropped. Schedules were changing hourly. Schedules didn't settle down until week #3. It was crazy. Thank you for your patience and compliments during a trying time for everyone.

A Derecho knocked out our power but we played 6:30 and 7:30 matches. Iced tap boxes kept cold beer flowing.

The Sands Volleyball Club is a place for active people to have fun.  In 1987 we opened with four volleyball courts and fifty-six teams.  We now have twenty-two lighted sand courts and over six hundred teams.  With twenty-two courts the Sands is able to offer volleyball leagues for all skill levels... beginners to high power.  You can play sixes, fours or doubles.  Teams are Men’s, Women’s or Co-Ed (Mixed). At the Sands, Recreational Co-Ed Sixes is the most popular league.  You do not have to be good, just fun.  You can select Beginners or Intermediate Levels. For more serious players we offer power sixes, fours and doubles.

For all of our volleyball leagues scheduling is easy.  At the Sands you always play on the same day at the same time.  You even get to pick the day and time. You get to play when it is convenient for you. No need to have schedules tacked to the side of your refrigerator. 

n addition to our volleyball courts and softball fields we have an air-conditioned club house, sunny patios, covered patio with fans and heat, shade arbors plus a Cabana with mini-bar (we like patios). The atmosphere is friendly and very casual.

Reminder: In beach volleyball a serve is not longer considered "a hard driven ball".  Therefore when you receive a serve your hands must be locked together or the set must be absolutely perfect (not impossible but extremely rare). If you are in  Recreational Leagues, don't worry about this rule.  If you are in other leagues: be patient, old habits are hard to break.  When an infraction occurs, call it and replay it.

Match Scoring:  All three games are now Rally Scoring (every serve is a point) to 21, 21, 15 for early matches. 8:30 matches are three games to 25 (no one is after you so keep playing). You have the court for an hour. If you finish early... keep playing. At "time" the team ahead wins.

Seasoned Veterans Leagues (SV): No players under 28. Team's average age must be thirty-five. Thursday at 6:30 (equivalent to Power B or "clean playing" Intermediate.  SV teams may cross pool with their more junior counterparts.

Sunday Double Header was very popular in 2019 (filled with waiting list). In 2020 your options are: Co-Ed Sixes at 5:20 (Rec.), Co-Ed Sixes at 6:30 (Rec. Inter. or Power) and Co-Ed Fours (Rec or Power). Add $74.00 to the 6:30 6s team fee to play in a second time slot. Please write double-Header and times requested at the top of your registration form.

    2021 Schedule of Events
9 Sunday Schedules are posted Closed for Mother's Day
10 Monday Member's practice/pick-up 6:00 to 9:00
11 Tuesday Member's practice/pick-up 6:00 to 9:00
12 Wednesday Member's practice/pick-up 6:00 to 9:00
13 Thursday Member's practice/pick-up 6:00 to 9:00
16 Sunday Sunday Volleyball Leagues start
17 Monday Monday Volleyball Leagues start
18 Tuesday Tuesday Volleyball Leagues start
19 Wednesday Wednesday Volleyball Leagues start
20 Thursday Thursday Volleyball Leagues start
30 Sunday Closed for Memorial Day Holiday
31 Monday Closed for Memorial Day Holiday
20 Sunday Closed for Father's Day
4 Sunday Closed for Independence Day Holiday
5 Monday Closed for Independence Day Holiday
31  Saturday Iowa Games - Adult sixes, fours and doubles (short court)
Sunday Closed for Labor Day Holiday
6 Monday Closed for Labor Day Holiday

  Additional information on tournaments, events and sign up sheets are on the right side of the schedule wall and on our web site (www.DesMoinesFun.com).

 Volleyball League Descriptions 

RECREATIONAL & INTERMEDIATE SIXES LEAGUE: Men and Women (Co-Ed), Non-Power Rules.  Three women and three men play at a time.  Teams can preference Recreational or Intermediate.  These are our most popular leagues.  Sundays at 5:20 or 6:30 ; for an additional $74 you can play twice.  (12 weeks), Mondays at 6:30 or 7:30 (12-weeks). Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays possible times are 6:30, 7:30 and 8:30 (7 or 14 weeks). Tuesday 8:30 has a discounted 14 week price.

RECREATIONAL FOURS - CO-ED LEAGUE:  Recreational, B and A are available Tuesdays at 8:30. Levels A and B levels are available Sundays at 7:40. Sunday double headers are available with 6s at 6:30 and 4s at 7:40. Open hand dinks are not allowed in this league.

POWER SIXES LEAGUE (formerly Low-Power):  Men and Women (Co-Ed). Six play at a time (3+3).  USA Volleyball Sand Rules.  Players in this league should have good skill levels and have a through knowledge of the rules.  Teams should be able to run plays and switch out setters.  Please indicate your level: A or B (A being the highest).  Available: Sundays (6:30), Tuesdays (7:30), Wednesdays (6:30, 7:30 & 8:30) and Thursdays (6:30 & 8:30). Seasoned Veterans play Thursday at 6:30.

WOMEN’S FOURS LEAGUE:  Two levels of play (A is highest).  A plays Mondays at 8:30.  B plays Monday at 8:30 or Tuesdays at 6:30.  Monday is one twelve week session.  Open hand dinks are not allowed in this league.

MEN’S FOURS LEAGUE:  Two levels of play (A is highest).  Both A and B leagues play Mondays at 8:30 or possibly 7:30.    Monday is one twelve week session.  Open hand dinks are not allowed in this league.

CO-ED FOURS LEAGUE:  Four play at a time (2+2).  No Co-Ed hitting rule.  Three levels of play:A, B and Recreational.  Sundays at 7:40 (12-week session).  Sunday double headers are available with 6s at 6:30 and 4s at 7:40 at a reduced price.  Tuesdays at 8:30- (7 or 14 weeks).   Open hand dinks are not allowed in this league.

WOMEN’S DOUBLES LEAGUE:  Association of Volleyball Professional Rules (AVP).  League is available Mondays for 12 weeks.  Doubles will not conflict with Fours.  Pool play first six weeks; level play second six weeks.  Be sure to circle your wins.

MEN’S DOUBLES LEAGUE:  Divisions A and B.  AVP Rules are used. League is available Mondays for 12 weeks.  Doubles does not conflict with Fours. Be sure to circle your wins.

All Members must be 21 years of age.  No exceptions.  Teams with an illegal member will forfeit all fees.

Volleyball League Fees 2021


seven weeks

fourteen weeks










sixes team fee



$376.00 Tues. @ 8:30


$312.00 @ 5:20

$344.00 @ 6:30

$328.00 @ 6:30

$358.00 @ 7:30

fours team fee






doubles team fee







Sunday Double Addition Cost




 *If you are playing on more than one team {softball or volleyball} in the same session, you pay the membership fee only once.  Be sure to check the box by your name, on the registration you pay with, to get credit for paying your membership fee.

**Available Tuesdays only.


Payment: Checks are preferred (your check is held until we know you have a spot) or cash. We do not accept debit or credit cards for league fees. At the bar we accept cash, checks that can be made for over the amount so you have cash or you can use your debit card to get cash from the "portable cash machine". There is a $2.00 service fee for getting $20, $40 or $60, so don't just get $20.00. Cash does not expire and always gets used eventually.

Don’t wait for the deadline… get your spot early!

 All money is due with your registration form.  MAIL EARLY OR DROP OFF.  Teams are scheduled in the order they are received.  Every year teams show up on the last day “needing” a 7:30 time slot.  If you need a specific day or time, please turn in your registration early.  Avoid having to tell your team mates that the day or time you wanted filled last week. 

TEAM's DAY AND TIME WILL BE POSTED ON DesMoinesFun.com by MAY 9th.  We are no longer calling captains.  COURT ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE POSTED A WEEK IN ADVANCE.. Please note that every year somebody has a problem (usually with their level) so pools may change. Always check back for changes the first couple of weeks.  We want people to be happy!