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Iowa Games: Doubles, Fours and Sixes Saturday, July 21st info


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 Sunday:  At 5:00 the courts are good. We have light rain with spotty showers to follow. League games are cancelled. We are open for practice if you wish. Mike

Volleyball Schedules for First Session: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday  Use to check your day and time. Finalized schedule is on the board.


Second Session starts in July and ends around Labor Day depending on rain-outs. Regestrations should be in by June 28th. Teams are registered in the order they are received. The earlier you turn your stuff in, the more likely you will get your day and time. Second session is available Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Sundays and Mondays are full for the season.

First Session Availability: Sunday 5:20 is full, 6:30 is full, 7:40 is full; Monday is full for the year; Tuesday 6:30 is full, 7:30 is full, 8:30 is full; Wednesday 6:30 is full, 7:30 is full, 8:30 is full; Thursday 6:30 is full, 7:30 is full, 8:30 is full. Definitions: getting tight: get it in the mail; tight: get it in quick; very tight: there are only a few spots available; full: try another time or 2nd session starting in July

This week's schedule: Sunday (6/24) week #5, Monday (6/25) 6:30 & 7:30 week # 7, 8:30 week #6, Tuesday (6/26) week #7, Wednesday (6/27) week #6, Thursday (6/28) week #8

The Sands is a laid back, fun place to play. With twenty-two courts we are able to offer all levels of play at fixed times that you choose. The clubhouse has a full service bar complete with cocktail freezers.  There are sunny patios with palm trees and covered patios with fans and heaters.  The atmosphere is casual and friendly. Registration deadline for 1st session is Wednesday, April 19th.  Follow the information link for league descriptions, volleyball forms and availability.

Tournaments for adults. For Juniors see USA Volleyball Iowa Region http://www.iavbreg.org

 We have office hours 2:00 to 6:00, Monday through Friday.  Mike   



Sunday:  At 4:50 the fields are damp.  It is raining. All games are cancelled. Mike

At the Sands we play softball for fun.  Safety and sportsmanship are emphasized.  Beer, sodas and snacks are served at the Cabana Bar between the fields.  Follow the information link for league descriptions, softball forms and availability.

For the 2018 season teams can use 47 or 52 core restricted flight balls.  

Sunday Schedule '18      Tuesday Schedule  '18    Wednesday Schedule '18   Thursday Schedule 18  

Private Events 2017

The Sands is a great place for company picnics, parties and reunions. We can accommodate groups as small as forty and as large as eight hundred. The Main Clubhouse Area and the Cabana Area are both available May through September.  Most weekends for 2017 are already booked. Information